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CHANT Summer News/Blog 2011

So, when I’m in ‘Live Show’ mode, I find myself feeling as if I’m in a mundane routine of booking and making sure the shows go OK, and I’m not being very creative. So many phone calls, emails, checking, re-checking, and updating The Internets… But, I try to remind myself that when I’m holed up in the studio trying to finish an album, I’m dying to get out on the road and play. After all, I’m a live performer at heart. That’s probably why I’ve jumped at the chance this summer to play for Evil Mothers and Die Krupps. I’m really enjoying learning those songs and getting into a pure DRUMMER mode!

Now, with the CHANT summer shows completed, I’m looking to ‘next steps’. Thought I’d let those of you keeping up with what I do know that I had a great studio session this past weekend with my good friend Chris Telkes, and I’m well on the way of solidifying a few remixes for other artists and getting some stem files of my own out to all of you to mix it up a bit. Lot’s of project planning around video work, too. And CHANT Fall shows? Most likely… but presented in a different way for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time – cheers!