CHANT Announces New Album: Brave New Apocalypse

May 20th, 2015

CHANT Announces New Album: Brave New Apocalypse
Available July 18th or advanced delivery with Pre-Sale Purchases
Pre-sales, release dates and more details available

Written and produced by Bradley Bills, with an added assault of mixing by the creator of the Ultra Heavy Beat: Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM) – Brave New Apocalypse showcases CHANT’s signature tribal driven sound and slams with heavy melodic lines and classic industrial inspiration.

With guest performances from Jules Hodgson (KMFDM/Pig), Patrick McManis (Evil Mothers), Adam Donovan (Seek Irony), Kristopher Robin (Guild) & Alvin Melivin (Melivin; Inc.) – Brave New Apocalypse is CHANT’s most driving, hard hitting, dynamic record to date.

ALSO: CHANT has partnered with a label who we feel is one of the most artist driven organizations out there today: WT II Records! (Nail – US / Planetworks – EU/UK). Go to – for more details.

CHANT Returns for Second KMFDM Tour 2013 – Releases Free Tracks for Fans

September 12th, 2013

CHANT releases new music for KMFDM 2013 Fall Tour Kick off!

Announced today [FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE]:

CHANT will release two new tracks free to fans on the eve of the KMFDM / CHANT FALL 2013 Tour:

“Universal” will be available as a free download to fans who are signed up to CHANT’s official Fan Mailing list beginning October 1, 2013. Sign up on now at!

The 2nd title “Low” will be available as a free download via QR Code (scan with your smart phone for the download) to fans attending any show during the tour.

So, come see CHANT’s Tribal Apocalyptic Rock opening for KMFDM’s Ultra Heavy Beat and get free music! FULL TOUR DATES and ticket sales links are posted at: and

See you soon!


A very personal blog & CHANT news update from Bradley

February 20th, 2012

Hi everyone – I just wanted to send out a personal, no bullshit, non-rock star message to all of you – it’s who I am really, and at this point I’m just eager to get back to reconnecting with all of you again:

In truth, I’m a meticulous artist that develops the ideas I envision slowly, and I’m a pretty private guy too, so my pages don’t get ‘daily’updates like other bands that I see everyone following. But my friend and brother in ROCK, Zoog Von Rock from Angelspit, has held a consistent inspirational fire under me to “Get yourself out there more, Mate!” and I know he’s right. So I’m going to take a leap of faith this year and share a bit more with everyone and stay connected a bit more too.

Experiencing major life changes and downtime from touring will certainly help (and force) one to reflect on one’s life and the importance of a band or music project. I recently went through both. And for those friends and fans close to me, I send thanks for your kind words and inspiration while I took a few months off from working the circuit as I tried to figure out how this project could ever feel important to me again.

Music will never be as important to me as family or friends – it’s only part of my life – but a key part that makes me who I am none-the-less. Artists/musicians who have developed a passion for what they do will always continue to feel compelled to do it, no matter what heartbreak they may experience. I believe it is because the instinct to create, and connect with others through creating, is so engrained into us, that it is always stronger than any despair life can bring.

While all has been quiet on my sites and Facebook pages, I have actually been working on various CHANT related projects and taking some serious time to think about what I want to do next. Here’s a look at what’s coming up in 2012!


A redesign of is underway to transform it into a better vehicle for communicating my life experiences to everyone as I work on CHANT, both rewarding and challenging, and also make it easy for members of The CHANT Revolution Army to find and download all of my music, at a ‘Pay What You Like’ price.


CHANT is confirmed for a special set during Texas’s biggest Industrial Music Event of the year: Terrorbyte by Austin Cyberpunks on April 27th and 28th, along with God Module, Amduscia, BlakOPz, and many more.

Die Krupps: That same event, I’ll be playing drums for Jurgen Enger’s Die Krupps All stars – a full set of Die Krupps!

Evil Mothers: I’ve had several inquires over the possibility of future Evil Mother’s reunion shows. All I can say is that the Mothers are spread out and about all around Texas and the US, being subversive, twisted, and all around… lovably Evil, so I can’t really say… you never know with those decadent deviants.

Dopehouse: Old school friends of mine will be excited to know I’m doing a reunion show with an old METAL band I played in many moons ago in Denton, TX… for a tribute to an iconic past festival known as Fry St. Fair and Delta Lodge Reunion. This show happens on April 21st


I’m excited to announce I wrote and directed two short music films to accompany my songs ‘Revolt’ and ‘Need’ this past fall. The projects are resurrected and you will see video releases in May and July! An official press release and video release parties/shows will be announced very, very soon.

And as far as new music, it is true that a demented, sickly muse of some sorts has been in my head recently… and a few new songs are swimming around that most likely will be developed and reach your ears at some point. CHANT fans can expect a special EP release of a few new tracks, remixes, and behind the scenes footage from the video projects sometime in 2012.

Ok. That’s all folks! Thanks for reading and taking care of me. See you this year!
Cheers, Love, and Respect,

CHANT Summer News/Blog 2011

July 26th, 2011

So, when I’m in ‘Live Show’ mode, I find myself feeling as if I’m in a mundane routine of booking and making sure the shows go OK, and I’m not being very creative. So many phone calls, emails, checking, re-checking, and updating The Internets… But, I try to remind myself that when I’m holed up in the studio trying to finish an album, I’m dying to get out on the road and play. After all, I’m a live performer at heart. That’s probably why I’ve jumped at the chance this summer to play for Evil Mothers and Die Krupps. I’m really enjoying learning those songs and getting into a pure DRUMMER mode!

Now, with the CHANT summer shows completed, I’m looking to ‘next steps’. Thought I’d let those of you keeping up with what I do know that I had a great studio session this past weekend with my good friend Chris Telkes, and I’m well on the way of solidifying a few remixes for other artists and getting some stem files of my own out to all of you to mix it up a bit. Lot’s of project planning around video work, too. And CHANT Fall shows? Most likely… but presented in a different way for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time – cheers!


CHANT Endorsed Gear Announcements

January 29th, 2011

Fueled from the excitement of another upcoming tour – I’m creating ads to promote all of my favorite gear that I use when performing live with CHANT. Although I’m not endorsed at this time – theses are products I live and die by… and they deserve some recognition for making outstanding gear! – Cheers, B.

This week’s promotion: Vic Firth Drum sticks

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