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Long Time No Talk

Welcome to the new site: 3.0.

I’ve been doing the exact opposite of what everyone in today’s music industry would have advised me to do at the end of last year – I conducted a self imposed exile from Social Media (among other things). When a writer is staring out the window doing nothing… they are working. I wanted to take some time to feel like a musician again. I’d love to tell everyone I’ve spent all this time writing music, but instead I took time to practice piano and a whole lot of time observing the world. Sadly, some of the things I wrote about on Brave New Apocalypse are too close to home… and my brain is slowly computing this into things I may decide to say through music. So we’ll see.

This site is something I wanted to do as a first step towards reinvention and to organize the history of CHANT, since it eventually became more than what it was intended to be – just a side drum solo project to promote myself as a drummer. Now, it is a vehicle of creativity for me and I’m looking forward to the next phase.Â

Lot’s of things to put into the pressure cooker. If you found this blog and decide to keep coming back – I’ll let you know when I set the timer.

Cheers and Love,